The 8 key competencies

  • literacy competence;
  • multilingual competence;
  • mathematical competence and competence in science, technology and engineering;
  • digital competence;
  • personal, social and learning to learn competence;
  • civic competence;
  • entrepreneurship competence;
  • cultural awareness and expression competence.

Digital Education Vision for the European Schools system

Every pupil and student develops throughout his/her European School education the digital competence to foster confident, critical, responsible and creative use of, and engagement with, digital technologies for learning, at work, and for participation in society.

Digital Competence Framework for the European Schools


Learning by doing : the project based method

The project is a source of motivation.
Students are autonomous and active in their project.
The student defines the objectives, plans the tasks and carries out the actions.
Students work in collaboration with their peers.